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Low water pressure?

Low flow problems?

Too many outlets and not enough flow? Want to pump directly off the mains? Limited space? Limited budget?

Solution: Fit a Challis Booster

Water utility companies across the UK are struggling to cope with increased demand on the mains water infrastructure as more homes are built and household demand for water is increasing. The current water supply infrastructure is at its maximum capacity so something has to give resulting in low water pressure and low water flow problems. At night time when demand is low pressure flow is not a problem, but first thing in the morning and in the evening when demand on the mains supply system by other home owners is high, pressures and flow can drop to unusable low levels. This is when you get into your shower and the water just dribbles out.

The same problem also arises when everyone in the house wants to use the bathrooms and sinks at the same time or when you build another bathroom. What many homeowners do not realise is that the mains water pipe supplying the house may be as small as 15mm. It is impossible to get enough water physically through such a small mains water pipe and into your home to supply the demand of multiple bathrooms or other outlets, no matter how much pressure you have. The classic symptom of this problem is as you open each tap or shower the flow drops and drops.

The standard solution to these problems is either to install a break tank and pump set in the property or alternatively fit a larger diameter mains supply pipe into the home. Both of the solutions are expensive and may not work.

The Challis Booster is however the perfect solution to both of these low water pressure and low water flow problems. The Challis Booster system provides your home with its own water reservoir and pumping station completely independent from the outside mains water supply. So no matter what is happening to the flow and pressures on the incoming water mains you will still have a plentiful supply and flow of high pressure water in your home making low water pressure problems a thing of the past and enabling powerful power showers all around your home!

Main Benefits of Challis Booster

  • Increased water pressure
  • Pumps water directly off the incoming mains supply
  • Reduced space requirement
  • Reduced running costs
  • Reduced installation costs
  • No requirement for expensive break tank & pump set

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Client Feedback

We just added an extension with another bedroom and en suite however we did not even consider that our current system may not be able to cope with the increase in demand. Our only solution was to increase the size of our mains water pipe. Our plumber said it was a lot of work and a lot of cash with no guarantee it would work. Instead we fitted two 450 Challis Boost accumulators, problem solved overnight, as much flow and pressure as we want at all outlets in the house. What a result.

Mr Forbes (Thetford)

One of our most recent developments was a 20 flat project in central Sheffield. To maximise our opportunity and space we did away with a central plant room. Putting Challis boost cylinders in each flat meant tenants had their own reservoir and pumping station and more importantly individual ownership of system rather than a communal system and all the problems that brings. Install costs dramatically reduced as well.

Mr Campion (Developer)

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