Challis Booster

How Challis Booster Works

As water utilities companies across the UK reduce their supply water pressures down to as little as 1 bar or demand in certain areas outstrips available supply capacity, a problem that many householders and builders are now facing is reduced mains water dynamic pressure and flows which in some cases can result in complete failure of the supply at times of peak demand.

The best way to describe the Challis Booster is like a battery storage system but for water. The Challis Booster system takes high pressurized water from the mains supply at times of low demand and stores it in an accumulator vessel under pressure.

The Accumulator is basically an expansion vessel that is installed open to the incoming mains water supply. It has an internal butyl diaphragm that expands as it fills with water from the mains. It will stop filling when the pressure within the vessel is equal to the available mains pressure. If the mains pressure rises the pressure in the accumulator rises. A double check valve on the mains supply prevents any loss of pressure.


When any taps within the dwelling are opened, the water from the accumulator supplements the water drawn from the mains. The effect of this is stable pressure and flow to all taps with minimal drop off when more than one tap/outlet are opened simultaneously.

The accumulator has an air space above the diaphragm, the air pressure within this space is important to the efficiency of the Booster system and is set to optimum pressure via a pressure valve on top of the vessel. A Booster system can have one or more accumulators to satisfy demand.

This high pressurized water in the accumulator can then be used at times of high demand to provide plenty of flow and pressure whilst other homes are having to cope with low flow and low pressure.

In real terms The CHALLIS BOOSTER system acts as your own personal mini mains pumping station and reservoir resuscitating your system.

LOW Mains water flow rate or volume?

If you were to add a new en suite bathroom or an extension to your property your current mains supply pipe work may not physically be able to supply the increased amount of water required. The only solution to this problem is to replace the mains supply pipe work with a larger diameter. This option could be very expensive. Our solution is to fit a Challis Boost providing you with your own pumping station and more importantly your own RESERVOIR. With your own pressurized reservoir you can fit a larger diameter pipe to the outlet thus increasing the supply capacity to cope with extra bathrooms easily.

Fitting a CHALLIS BOOSTER system on to an incoming 15mm mains supply in will enable you to fit up to 28mm coming out of the CHALLIS BOOSTER cylinder into the property significantly increasing the flow to all outlets.


Typical Booster System

Figure 5 shows a basic simple system with accumulator supplementing the cold supply. The system has cold feed to a combi boiler, cold taps, hot taps and mains fed electric shower. All outlets will have stable pressure and flow regardless of how many are in use.

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